Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Hobby...kinda

So, I've jumped on the bandwagon of SLR cameras.  Oh jeez, what have I gotten myself into!?  I haven't even read the manual on my point and shoot, but somehow I really think I will use this one to it's full potential.  I haven't gotten it yet, but am looking forward to getting it soon.
I'll probably get a canon (so when Catherine gets bored with her lenses she can hand them down to me!) ;)
Anyway, with that, I have started taking pictures with my ole point and shoot and messing with the lighting and aperture a bit through editing to start practicing.
Here's what I have so far.
Here is my original photo, I saw this lone sunflower on the way to Cherry Blossom one day, and thought it might make a good picture.  However, the longer I waited, the more wilted it became, so I had to hurry before it shriveled into nothing. OK, enough about the flower, here's the edited versions.

Black and white, not to be confused with "Bitchin Black & White" from Photoshop...this one's just plain ole boring B&W.
Here's a blue filter put on it.  I think it adds flowers have least Disney thinks so...
Here's one with a psychedelic twist.  Al sorts of colors and filters and saturation going on. Heck, once you stare at the same sunflower pic for so long, you go crazy with this stuff!

So check back, perhaps I will try people soon...but I think inanimate objects are the perfect test subjects for now.


usmcfamily04 said...

I love 'em! looks like we are all fancying photography these days!

jen dare said...

Abbey! that is cool! i would definitely frame those and hang them in my sunflower-decorated bathroom! seriously! way to go and congrats on a new hobby that i am sure you will be good at!

Cat said...

What a beautiful photo! I really like the variations but especially like the psycadelic twist...