Wednesday, June 04, 2008




2 ½ years old.


E: I have to go poop.

M: Ok, let’s go.

E: Uh…uh…uh.

M: Are you going poop?

E: Uh, I can’t, it’s too hard.

M: Oh, is it too hard to go poop?

E: Yeah, it’s too hard, the poop is too hard, we have to get scissors.

M: Uncontrollable laughter.


D: What do you want to be when you grow up?

E: uh…a pillow.

D: Who’s pillow?

E: Louie’s

M: What kind of pillow will you be?

E: ummmm, orange!


M: We’ve got to learn our days.

E: Yeah, we have to learn our days.

M: Is today Monday?

E: Yeah, today’s Monday.

M: Why is daddy home? Is today a holiday?

E: Yeah, today’s a hot day.


M: Are you going to just do the opposite of everything I tell you??!

E: Yeah, I have to.


M: Ok, here are your stickers for going poop!

E: Yeah stickers!  I look at them ok?

M: Sure. Want to put them in your sticker book?

E: oh yeah!

M: Where did your sticker book go?

E: Oh, just leave it, ok? I just look at them for a little bit.

Some are just funny for the mere fact he speaks like an adult.  Stay tuned, more to come!


usmcfamily04 said...

does he have to buy his shorts at k-mart? ha! sorry...the day of the week one especially made me think of rain man!!!! kids say the darndest things...get the scissors! ha!!!

lisa said...

the scissors one is hilarious!