Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What a day

So, after three different phone calls, we finally found out where to take Ethan to get his mouth checked out.  He wouldn't sit still for an x-ray even with me holding him, so the Pediatric Dentist had to use the Papoose restraint system in order to get a good look.  Upon further inspection, they realized that not only had the root of the one tooth stayed in, but the one next to it had gotten knocked loose and had a tiny fracture in it.  Instead of maybe having to go through this whole debacle again, they decided to take it out as well.  So now Ethan has no teeth on the bottom in the front.  It's not too bad, when he smiles you really can't notice, but when he's laughing it's obvious.  Poor kid.  It makes me very emotional when I think about it.  It's so sad that for the next 6-7 years he won't have any teeth there.  I know it's just aesthetics, and it could have been a lot worse, but come on, anything bad that happens to your baby is traumatic to a mom, no matter the degree of injury.
So, there is supposedly no damage to the adult nerve and since they are baby teeth there is no need for a false or a spacer.  They were going to fall out anyway, the tooth fairy is just coming a little earlier than expected.  And we are enjoying popsicles more than usual now.
I would not wish this upon anyone, it's so hard to know there is nothing you can do for your child.  Paul did a great thing by putting it in milk, when we took it out of the freezer, it was still bleeding, so that means it worked.  However, the whole tooth didn't come out, so that meant it couldn't have been repaired (by navy medicine).   
The only real struggle for the next week will be "limiting his activity" by DRs orders. HA!


Anonymous said...

now that I know how to leave comments, it's two days later, and I already know he's doing better! but it still breaks my heart!'Love,
Grandma D

Catherine said...

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abbey, I can't believe it!! This is heartbreaking!! I'll call you later today. :(