Wednesday, May 14, 2008


so I had this grand idea that since Ethan won't quit ripping the paint from his door each night before bed, I would make HIM clean it up and get each and every little piece off the floor himself.  I even took his blankie away for motivation.
I had to take a shower so I left him cleaning the paint and throwing it in the trash so I could hop in really quick.
I even called him into the bathroom while I was in there to have him tell me what he was doing, "I clean up the paint".  And back he went to his room. Wow, to my surprise, I might be onto something.
Enter Ethan.
Stark Naked.
"I go poop...I go poop" in his typical whiny voice.
"uh, what do you mean, you have to go poop NOW? Or did you just go?  Where is your diaper?  Get on the toilet!  Don't touch anything!  O my gosh Ethan, you don't take your diaper off! Just stay there until I get out! O my gosh!"
So he sat on the toilet, naked, whining about how he "can't go poopoos".  
"where is the diaper, Ethan, where did you put it when you took it off!?"
"I don't know"
"You DO know! Tell me where the diaper is!"
"I don't know"  (do we say this alot or something? between that and "I can't"  it seems to be the extent of his vocab lately)
"Think, Ethan." rinsing the shampoo from my hair, "where did you put the diaper?"
And with a big smile, he says,  "'s in the bed." 

Oh My Gosh.

Thankfully I ran into his room to find a nice little present waiting for me on the floor in an open diaper.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.


Cat!~ said...

LMAO!!... and its only this funny when it DOES NOT happen to you. :(

lisa said... 3 more fun than 2?? 2 seemed like the bad behavior was part of the quest for independence and learning phase.....3 feels like *intentional* bad behavior because they know that they shouldn't do it, but they do it anyway (like dumping a glass of milk in the hallway, pouring a cup of applesauce on the carpet, kicking the dog in the know, those kinds of things.) :)

Abbey said...

I'm just hoping by 15 he'll have it all out of his system.

usmcfamily04 said...

Well, only a few more years and then it will be "i hate you" look forward to that!

Yvonne said...

Be very VERY thankful it wasn't smeared on the wall like artwork! Yes, I have been there done that and there is nothing worse than that. Just think too, by the time you get Ethan out of that st age you will Hannah to handle yet. Good luck.

jen dare said...

i laugh cuz i have been through this 3 times and i am DREADING it with Anna!!! i had a child have their poo roll out of a diaper that they took off themselves, across the floor and also i had one pull it out of their me, it makes for great stories later on!! love ya guys!