Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Joseph-Our first weekend

Potiphar's Wife

Egypt Scene

Coat of Many Colors

Joseph opened last weekend, and I guess for a holiday weekend, we did alright.  I hope this weekend for a better bigger audience.  Here are some photos that random people shot during shows and rehearsals.  Enjoy the rest by visiting 

We didn't have a show Sunday through Tuesday, so the family took a little trip to Neo Park.  It will most likely be our last weekend up near the Aquarium since we've seen everything else.  We also visited the pool on Monday, and big surprise (seriously) Ethan was afraid to et in.  Clenching onto each of us we had to convince him that it was ok, but no dice, he wanted out.  He kept saying "I just want to go home".  Such a huge change from last year when he was jumping from the side into the pool and going under!  Oh well, we'll work on it.  I told him afterwards, "there is absolutely nothing wrong with being afraid of the water, it's definitely a healthy fear."  But all I got was a "yeah, let's go home now."

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lisa said...

Maybe we can go together and Nathan can coax him in.....the boy is (too) fearless. :)