Saturday, May 24, 2008

Functional vs Fashionable

So, I've noticed this before, but I decided to blog the fact that Japanese are soooo different from Americans in the sense of practical clothing/things you wear.  I don't know if that is the correct way to word it but who cares (besides my journalism major husband)?
So among a lot of other things that I will most likely forget to mention, I noticed today that a japanese male approximately early 20s was riding a bike with a basket on the front.  Now, we all know if we saw someone in the US with one we would totally be like, "oh my gosh did you see his stupid basket?!"
That's what I want to know.  When did American's become some adverse to practicality?  Have we always been like this?  When it's freezing @ss cold outside, why is it "more cool" to wear a short sleeve shirt rather than a parka and gloves?!  Why when it's raining, should we just run rather than carry cute umbrellas?  Why when we ride a bike should we not have a basket to put our crap in!?
Has anyone noticed this?  We are so against using things that are helpful.  It's almost as if we are against admitting that we need help! 
Very frequently you will see Japanese people walking in the summer completely covered from head to toe to protect them from the rays!  We wouldn't be caught dead in anything like that!  Full blown Grass ninja outfits!  Is it because Paris Hilton never wears a winter coat?  Because Jessica Alba never covers her face before going to the beach?  Is this what we base our life decisions on?  Stars and celebrities that set the fashion standard for us?!  Ridiculous!
So I say we all say screw you to the trend setting snobs and wear things that protect our health and longevity~
If you won't make fun of me for wearing "driving gloves" I won't make fun of you for your bicycle basket!  Deal?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are getting so old! hahahahaha

You have your Grandmother's and Mother's genes to thank! hahahahaha

if you're getting all sensible and everything, make sure you slather on the sunscreen!! on the kids too!!! Love Grandma