Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warning, blood ahead!

This whole week has been enough of a week for me and it's not even over yet.
> Yesterday, while picking up Ethan from school, Hannah took it upon herself to run all the way home by herself. Her answer as to why? "because I wanted to." ugh. Luckily she was safe, but the fact that she got all the way home and inside so quickly is just another reminder of how fast things can happen when you turn around for one second.
> As if that weren't enough, last night (yes it all happened in one day) grant fell off the couch (read: Hannah kicked him off) and split his ear open on the corner of the coffee table. We didn't take him to the ER last night because there wasn't a lot of blood and it clotted pretty quick. This morning though, the swelling and bruising made it look a lot worse so after taking him to the pediatrician, they had us take him to the ER to see if they might need to stitch it. Paul took him and I took E and H home. We made him some get well cards and waited for their return.
> After a short 2 hour visit, they decided there wasn't really anything they could do because of the location on his ear. So he's home now and we've just got to keep it clean and keep ointment on it.
> This kid is a head injury magnet, so I'm hoping he doesn't hit it again before it heals. :/
> He's doing much better than me, as you can tell by the smiles below. I'm a stress case though and wondering what's on the slate for tomorrow???!!!


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