Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hannah's Been Canned

Saturday, the kids were playing in the house and make believing as usual when all of a sudden, Hannah cries out. This is not unusual, sometimes a simple thing like someone shutting the door, can provoke a blood curdling scream of terror from her, so I didn't freak out. I asked her what was wrong and she told me Grant had thrown a cup at her foot. I thought, "Ok, not big deal, even if it was full of milk, a sippy cup can't do that much damage." I told her to sit down and it would feel better in a minute. Within an hour, her big toenail had turned completely purple and she was complaining about the pain. Wherever she moved, she walked on the side of her foot to avoid discomfort. Sunday morning she woke up and told me how her foot hurt still. I took one look at it and realized this was no little boo boo. I asked her to show me what "cup" Grant threw at her, and she said, "come here, I'll show you." I replied," why don't you just go get it and bring it to me?"
She walks away and returns with a 16 oz can of Boston Baked Beans and states, "THIS is the cup he threw at me!"

Um, wow, go ahead and give me my 2012-Mom of the Year award. I felt terrible! I didn't take her seriously at all. Though she is similar to the boy who cried wolf, she obviously has a high pain tolerance as well!
We've debated taking her in as the toenail has now begun to lift off (I know; gag), but today, the pressure decided to relieve itself so there's no need for the doctor to do anything with it.
I will save the faint at heart from having to look at the pictures I took this morning, however, since I know some people in my family are weird...check them out at our flickr sight if you're curious. (the link is on the left)
I couldn't post it here, as I can't even make it through a Lamisol commercial without changing the channel.

I'll post some more info as things progress and we'll definitely keep you on your toes!

see what I did there...? ;)

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