Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Force is with us...

I took Ethan to a friend's birthday party on Saturday. It was Star Wars themed. In retrospect, I should of had Paul take him, I think Paul would have liked it a lot.
The mom made a Star Wars cake. It was AWESOME.

The kids chased each other with light sabers and the little brother was even dressed as Yoda. It was really fun!
But, probably the most exciting part of the day was when Darth Vader knocked on the front door. Immediately, shocked and excited, Ethan and the birthday boy ran to the back of the house. I think most of us thought they might have been startled, however that was not the case. They promptly returned, light sabers in hand, ready to battle it out with Vader! Two little jedis, ready for action! The video pretty much sums it up!

He had a really fun time.


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