Saturday, October 16, 2010


Give it up for Paul! Today he did an amazing thing! Paul ran the Murfreesboro Half Marathon! A.K.A. "The Middle Half" (did you see what they did there??!!) :)
Now I know the athletes out there are about to say, "13.1 miles, pffft! I could do that in my sleep!" BUT considering I don't run unless someone is chasing me, this is a huge accomplishment in my book!
The race started at 7am, and Paul handed me the paper with all the stop points of good places to take pictures, where to park, and the finish line location...
Without fail, our children slept in, the ONE day I needed to get out the door at a specific time. ugh.
Nevertheless, we made it to the race and got to the 13th mile hoping we hadn't already missed his big finish! We cheered some others on, yelled "Go State!" to some guy with a sparty shirt on and clapped for lots of runners! (When I say "we", I mean "me", my children just stared and looked at me like I was crazy.)
Then we saw him! Woot Woot!!! You can see by this grin that 13.1 was NOTHING for him! HAHAHAHA!

We got to see him run his last .1 miles and it was pretty exciting to hear all the motivating cheers inside the stadium!

How exhilarating!!!!

I couldn't be more proud of him! Let me just say, he did NOT have time to train for this and still pulled off a run time, 2:14:02. AND (in case the boss reads this) he advertised for the Marines the whole way, so he's a true recruiter! How about a round of applause!?

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! When's your Iron Man scheduled?!

Great job, man!