Monday, August 16, 2010

Typical Monday

I have been waiting for it to cool down so I could tackle some of my outside projects that have been on hold for a month. Today I got lucky and it was a breezy 82 degrees! (which compared to a straight full week of 100 degree weather and high humidity to boot, it felt like a cool spring day!)
So here's how my day panned out.
6:20-woke and showered
7:00-breakfast for kids/myself
7:30-stripped all beds, uncluttered all rooms, emptied trash, vacuumed all rooms, washed all sheets and kids blankets.

9:00-took garage bookcase outside to wash and wipe down in prep for painting.
9:30-waiting for bookcase to dry, trimmed and pruned entire front flower bed, including large over grown tree with "snow" flowers. Ugh, hate that thing!

10:00-remade all beds, laid G down to sleep and took E&H outside to play with the hose.
10:15-cleaned up H's pee off garage floor, gave her a treat anyway so she doesn't develop a complex.
10:30-cleaned up all cut branches, shrubs, etc.
11:00-wiped two booties. ( why does everyone poo at the same time??)
11:15-reorganized garage sale stuff ( yes, somehow we have more stuff to sell!!!)
12:00-lunch with kids, put them down for quiet time, reinforced old bookshelf with 1by2's and used my miter saw for the first time!!! Agh!!!! Love it!!!

1:30-hopped in for my second shower of the day, ate a chocolate square (ok maybe 2) and now I'm sitting here writing this and thinking about what to do for din din.
This is all between chatting on the phone, refilling milk cups, snacks, and checking on mischievous children...
Ahhhhhhhhh, feels so good to be productive!!!

Btw, if anyone else out there is stuck in "survival mode" like we were the past 11 months, and would love some sort of a schedule, you should really check out!

I'll admit, some of her stuff is kinda corny, but the overall weekly routine and zone cleaning schedule are amazing!!! I love having a list to look at so I can just check it off and know I've done the housework. It's brainless, and so quick! It even sounds stupid, but my mood and spirits have been so much better since I started flying!
Now I'm gonna sit and enjoy an iced tea...

Hope you all have a great and productive week!!

Abbey K <3

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