Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Lalalalalalala! I could sing like a Disney princess! My grass is growing in full, my flowers are bursting with buds and now we have a little mama bird in our tree that's about to start her family! Quick! Someone make up a snappy little tune for that!
Grant and I were enjoying some time on the swing today and we noticed her sitting in her cozy little nest. She flew away before I could snap pics of her, but I tried to get some nest pics without disrupting the eco-balance of her home. Doesn't look like there's any eggs yet, but maybe soon!!!!!

Here's Mama Bird! Can't tell here, but she's a bit hefty looking!

Oh Yeah, and my hydrangeas started blooming!!! Aren't they scrumptious?!?!


Mary said...

I took the hydrangea for my background at work! wow

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom, for booting the pic of our kids for some stupid flowers. real nice.

Abbey - you are a Pulitzer prize winning photographer in my book. As soon as I have more than $10,000, I'll give you some prize money. I love your pictures and your description of spring!

We also have a nice birds nest right where the phone line meets the back of the house. There's poop all over the vinyl siding and frequent attacks on the kids when they try to innocently play outside. nature is beautiful. where's my leather gloves and poker stick?

paul(yer brother!)

Lisa said...

Love periwinkle hydrangeas. Love.