Thursday, May 13, 2010

The House of Skank

Ok, it's nasty here. For the past few days every single one of us has had some form of the flu. Head flu and stomach flu have been circulating around our house like it's cool. Well, guess what. It's not. After being miserable on Tuesday, I had to summon up the strength to get Ethan to school on Wednesday so I could at least have some resting time. This would be the day Hannah woke up with a fever. A fever that escalated to 102.4 throughout the day. This is good and bad. The good part is that she laid around all day falling in and out of deep sleep. The bad part is that she wanted to this right next to me, so as if my hot flashes weren't enough, I had my very own personal heating pad drooling on the pillow next to me. Grant, through all this, was bubbly, smily and playful, and oh how I wish I could have played with him, but really all he wanted to do was grab at my glasses while I lay comatose on the floor.
My biggest fear was that Ethan would arrive home sick from school, since that's the way this all hit me on Monday. I was perfectly fine in the morning, and by 2pm I was a wreck. Thankfully, though, when Paul brought him home (p.s., thank you SO much!), Ethan was still his lively self. With no energy to grocery shop, or clean my kitchen, Paul planned to run to Panera (mmm) and grab us all dinner. 10 minutes later he arrived back, Ethan in tow, and ran right up to the tub. No, NO, NOOOO! Yup. He threw up all over himself in the very back seat of the van. All I have to say is leather cleans up fairly easy.
Let's not fail to mention that The Man of the house is also sick through all of this, but seems to maintain composure for the benefit of his family. You amaze me with your ability to hold it together for the sake of us. You truly are stoic.
I finally made it to the Dr today and, with the same treatment as last time, have some how started to feel a bit better.  I still am a little queasy and light headed, however nothing to the extent of Tuesday's "worst day ever" (in my book at least). And all this happens the DAY after Paul and I sit down and come up with daily, weekly and monthly schedules and routines to get our lives back in some sort of a "non-survival mode".
Well wasn't that a nice how do you do!? We'll try this schedule thing again next week.

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Lisa said...

I might need a copy of the monthly schedule and routine. Because survival mode isn't working out too well. I mean on more than two occasions I have let the laundry pile up so high that it takes two days of the washer running constantly to get it done. And more laundry baskets than we own.