Monday, December 14, 2009

Kids grow up so fast...

So we get home from school today and Ethan goes in the door before me, stops at the stairs, looks around and says, "Well well well, you cleaned the house today."
As a matter of fact, E, no I didn't. But thanks for the compliment!

Hannah's talking up a storm lately and it seems she learns a new word each day. Saturday was, "itsa oval!". Yesterday was "itsa clock!" today was "no! I donwannit, mommy!!!" Ah, can't wait for the teenage years.

Grant's been really fussy for the last couple weeks and went almost a week (again) without pooping. I've been supplementing with formula since my milk supply is dwindling (I know, irony, eh?). So I tried switching formulas and apparently it worked. I had to light a candle.

While I was out getting E from school, Louie decided to get my starbucks cup (with gingerbread latte in it) down from the computer desk and drink the rest. I realized this after he darted from one side of the room to the other and jumped in my lap. He smelled delicious, I knew something was up.

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