Monday, December 21, 2009

I'll be home for Christmas

And I'm not dreaming! We will be in MI for the holidays for the first time since 2005. We're really excited to see all the family and especially our friends that we missed for our southern style thanksgiving. We were originally planning on staying at home to celebrate our first Christmas as home owners, but then it clicked, the kids don't know what "day" Christmas is so we celebrated on the 20th and had the kids open presents then. They loved it and have no idea what they're in for when the 25th comes! We are enjoying a super nice hotel room courtesy of the reward points Paul has earned from his constant travels. We'll be rolling in tomorrow on HANNAH'S 2ND BIRTHDAY!!! It's also grandma's birthday so what a gift for each of them!!!
Can't wait to get there!!!

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jen dare said...

and we can't wait for you all to get here either!! yay!!!!