Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Even my Son Knows I'm a Nerd

by Paul

When I left for the gym this morning, the family was still asleep. After my workout, I came home to find them all eating breakfast. Ethan greeted me at the door, and with the logic only a three-year-old has, he asked, "Daddy, you were out all night?"

"Yeah," I joked, "I didn't even get any sleep." Then, thinking I could make a clever joke that would go over the kids' heads and make Abbey laugh, I said "I was out all night clubbin'."

Then, Ethan gave me the following response..."Yeah, you were at a book club."

Gee, thanks.


Mary said...

Having seen you do the hula hoop on the WII, I'd love to see you dancin at a club........


jen dare said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! that is a must-see at Thanksgiving!!!