Saturday, May 30, 2009

When you're not looking...

Ethan did some quiet time today. I was happy to take the hour and a half to sit and watch some tv. I could hear him up there rooting around and knew he was obviously not staying in his own room. So I went to check on him. He has a thing lately of locking the doors. I snuck upstairs, noticed the screwdriver was missing off the ledge and expected to walk in on him disassembling something. Um, no. Instead, I open the door to his room to him standing there in Transformer underwear and my knee high Ugg boots. I just started laughing, and his only comment was,
"Don't just open my door, that's rude."

I will now always be armed with a camera upon entering his room.


jen dare said...

i love that hilarious!!!

ya brother said...

HAHAHAHAHA! He went all Bom Qui Qui on you. Ruuwe!