Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yee Haw!

We are here! And so far we love it!
Everyone is super nice and the weather, though we just got through a cold snap, is beautiful. We are getting things done very quickly to the credit of Grandma being here to stay (be trapped) with the kids. They are still trying to get used to the time difference, but if the sleeping until 9:30 continues, I won't complain too bad. We have found cars and are working on negotiating a deal, and we've gone to contract on a house. We both got iPhones, which are AWESOME, and we are looking to visit MI in the next few weeks if everything goes smoothly.
We are already loving it, however the last thing to get done is finding a new name for the blog. I've done a contest already, but I need some new names, people. So fire away.
Here's the facts.
We live in Murfreesboro, TN. We're south of the Mason-Dixen line. East of the Mississippi. Never lived here before. An hour south of Nashville, and living here for a few years.

Good luck!


"Nana" said...

Welcome back to the US! And congrats on the baby boy on the way!! Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, awesome that YOU are living not to far from the music capitol...remember me when you make it big :) Love you guys!

The Peterson's said...

Todd and I went to MTSU! My parents live close, they are in Brentwood. Don't you love TN. Enjoy! Murfreesboro has come a long long way.

Anonymous said...

RE: New blog name. Definitely "Bert's in the 'Boro" Alternate: "We're not in Kansas anymore, Louie"

Love ya, Sis! So glad you guys are home. You're kids are beautiful, your dog is old and your phones are indeed AWESOME.
--ya' brother

lisa said...

yee haw are we ever going to hear from you again?