Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I rely on my electronics.I really do, I'm the person that has no idea what my best friend's phone number is because it's in my speed dial. Why would I need to remember it? I don't remember anyone's website, email address, even personal address. They are all in my computer. All of them. Hmm. So what happens when there is an unexpected power outage and everything all of a sudden starts getting quirky? The Mail application quit unexpectedly, every. single. time. I open it. 
My sync software somehow thought I wanted to erase all of my 188 bookmarks (internet favorites) and replace them with nothing. Nothing. 
No bill pay websites, friends' websites, knitting patterns, homes we were looking at, and more importantly, SHOPPING websites!!! I've lost every single one. I can't get them back. I could have, if I would've bought the $500 "Time Machine" hard drive...but Macs aren't supposed to fail. Right? RIGHT!??!!?
I'm starting to understand why my parents don't get into electronics more. 
When you write something down and put it in a safe spot, the only way to totally lose it is if you have a house fire, and that's when friends will understand that you don't have they're phone number, not when you tell them "I'm sorry, I relied on my computer's memory instead of showing your significance in my life by memorizing it myself." So, the moral of the story is be careful what you purchase with the thought of it making your life so much easier, because sometimes, it ends up being a bigger pain than a benefit. Trust only yourself, and not some machine that will inevitably fail you.


Cat said...

Uhh-Oh! What a big pain in the $#@!. :(

usmcfamily04 said...

ha! I am with you!!! sometimes technology is more of a pain in the ars than anything else!!!

aviva5271 said...

huge pain. and i'm sorry. but there's absolutely no excuse for not backing up! you can buy any external hard drive (doesn't have to be $500) to put time machine on... this post wouldn't have happened, as you well know.

sorry for the pain in the arse, but it's over now and learn from it, girl!! (EVEN if only for your photographs, you should be backing up!!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That last poster was so rude and condescending