Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cherry Blossom does Christmas

Ethan's preschool had their Christmas performance on Friday.  The video will be up shortly as we still have to edit it and such, but here are a few pics from the day...
Ethan's two main parts were "the Mexican Hat Dance" and the "Chinese Lantern Dance".  He knows every single other dance that was in the program, and now I understand why. Every time a new group got up to do their thing, you could see the look on Ethan's face of nervousness and determination for the other children. It was really cute.

Here's the hat dance:

Sitting (for once) next to his friend Nathan:

Our Hannah Earlier that day:

The night before, we took some tree pics...

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Mom d said...

I saved them all from your Dropshots! love Hannahs curls, and Ethans gut-busting laugh!

Miss you!