Tuesday, September 09, 2008

He IS intelligent!

Wonder who he gets it from, cause I know it's not me!!!
So today, I had an interesting conversation with E, he makes me laugh (have I told you that?).
Anyway, I thought I would ask him some fill in the blank questions, ya know, like those myspace quizzes, only answered by an almost 3 year old.  He amazed me, though, most of the answers were dead on.  For instance:  
Ethan wears underwear, Hannah wears _____ "a diaper!"
Ethan rides a bike, Mommy rides______ "a car!"

(whoa, this kid is smart!)...or so I thought.

Ethan goes to school, Mommy goes ________ "to the hospital!" (um, okay)
Ethan eats a sandwich, Mommy eats _________ "pancakes!" (sure, that sounds yummy)
okay, how bout this one...
Ethan has a sister, Mommy has a ________ "daddy!...and hannah!"

after a good laugh, we ended with this...

"Ethan, mommy and hannah are girls, what are you?"
"a boy!"
"Very good, how about daddy?"
"...a boy!"
"That's right! How did you know he's a boy?"
"...um...because he goes to work!!"

Ok, Ethan, we need to talk...


usmcfamily04 said...

ha ha haHAHAHAHAHA....LAUGHING...cannot wait to tell Jim this story! HA HA! Funny what they perceive. I am interested in why E thinks you spend all your time at the hospital???

aviva5271 said...

That's hysterical. It reminds me of Mia at about that age - she was sitting in the cart at the Miramar commissary and spotted a female Marine in uniform. "MOM! LOOK!"
"Yes, that's a Marine."
"But she's a GIRL! Girls can't be MARINES!!"

We had a long talk after that. Especially with her dad who wants her to be an attack helicopter pilot.

Paul said...

Maybe because in the last two years we've had to deal with about 20 rounds of cold/flu, two broken feet (well, one but twice), a cortisone injection to the knee, an ambulance call for a vomiting infant, a labor and delivery, a few rounds of mastitis, a skin rash...hey come to think of it, why didn't he think that I was at the hospital too and not at work?

Andrea said...

miss you guys!!!