Friday, August 15, 2008

We're Back!

Vacation was not the first word to come to mind when thinking about this last four days.  
Crap-ation is more suitable, I've decided.  Big Picture= No one got hurt or killed, so I guess I should be thankful for that.  Details, though, were annoying at best.
We left Monday afternoon.  It started with rain the first 24-36 hours in.  It became very sunny, hot and humid by Tuesday afternoon, and then started to rain as we were leaving Friday morning.  So we got 2 full days of nice weather.  I know, you're thinking, well at least it didn't rain the whole time.  Ok, women, hear me out.  Ya know the greatest thing about being pregnant?  That thing that stays away for 10 months, and even longer if you're breast feeding?  Well, it decided to show up THIS WEEK for me.  Yeah.  Of all the weeks.  On top of that, I forgot to pack the vitamins which include my allergy medicine, so my eczema started acting up around Tuesday night.  Wednesday, we all took naps, and when Paul woke up he felt very ill.  He stayed sick the rest of the time, sleeping for hours during the day and still sleeping all night long.  The kids, on the other hand, were great.  So we decided this was more of a vacation for Ethan, than for us.  ( any volunteers to babysit? so we can have a getaway??)
Between the frustration I still managed to get a few good pics of the kids.  Internet sucks right now, so I will post pics in the morn.
oh, and I learned a valuable lesson this week.  Babies and sand don't mix.


Mom D said...

actually, I've never had a good time at Ocuma.......

usmcfamily04 said...

I think the only people that mixes well with sand are beach volleyball players. I once heard someone say that "family vacations" are only for the children and couple should always take an additional separate vacation...okay, can you afford (financially or time-wise) to do that?

jen dare said...

now you know why we once took a 4 day vacation to Arizona when Josh was 9 months old (he is now 5),...and we never have been on vacation again! well, maybe once, but we are not big fans of it!! glad you made it back safe!!!

jen dare said...

strike that last state, was Alabama,...but still

Cat said...

Ughh! I hear you loud and clear. Everytime we get up there it always rains or some crazy winds show up.
We will take you on re: the sitter for your getaway. We will do it! B said she would also sit for you guys (for free!)... think about it. Take advantage of us while your still here ;)