Friday, August 29, 2008


Ethan: "What's your name daddy?"
Paul: "Daddy"
Ethan: "How about Hannah?"
Paul: "Hannah"
Ethan: "Uh, how about Mommy?"
Paul: "Mommy"
Ethan: "No, it's Abbey."
Abbey: "WHAT!?"
Ethan: (looking up from his oatmeal, suspiciously) "Are you Abbey, Mommy??"

uh, that's creepy.


Mom said...

Ever see that movie, The Other?

Abbey said...

I was thinking Artificial Intelligence...

usmcfamily04 said...

ha! that is hilarious--daddy is daddy, but mommy must have another name!!! I cannot wait to see some of the stuff Christopher comes up with!

Lisa said...

Nathan has these set of "rules" of what he calls us when. For example when he is going out to the car and if Im trailing behind him he will yell at me "LISE are you COMING?" (because he heard PC say that to me once). When he is at the playground with his dad he calls him "Mr. PC" since thats what all the other neighborhood kids call him.

And just yesterday it totally cracked me up when he was doing something he wasnt supposed to and very serious he tells me, "LOOK what your son is doing" (because he hears PC and I say that to each other all too often I guess :) )