Sunday, August 17, 2008


Catherine and I went on a shoot yesterday (don't I sound professional?)  And we were totally macked on by a SONY guy who envied Cat's lens...if ya know what I mean...which is seriously, he envied Cat's lens.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun, and she taught me a lot.  Even though I don't remember anything today, due to getting old and my excitement got the best of me, she is a patient teacher and I'm sure won't mind reiterating for me again and again.
Anywho, here are some pics we got...well, me, actually, I took these pics with MY camera! Oh my, I feel so special!
(because I can't pick any favorites to put up here.)


Cat said...

That was a LOT of fun! We need to get back there in the p.m with our tripods ;) and take pics of the kids at the seawall ;)

Lisa said...

Can you drag me along with you next time, puh-leze? The pics are great!!! :)

The Peterson's said...

Very jealous that you have such a wonderful teacher. Can you send her my way?