Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ethan-isms IV

HA!  Here's some more!

Ethan: "It's raining outside??"
Mom: "Yup, it's raining."
Ethan: "I need my life jacket."

He finally started using 'actually', and this was his first sentence with it:

E: "I gotta go potty."
M: "ok, let's go."
E: "Akchuwolly, we can't, because the toilet is broken. 
       Let's go downstairs and get a new toilet."

M: "Ok, c'mon, we gotta go, we're gonna be late."
E: "Wait! Not yeeeeeeeet."
M: "Why?"
E: "Because, you need makeup first."

When I found him in my room playing with my jewelry:
M: "Don't touch those, those are mommy's."
E: "But I have to run my errands."
M: "What?"
E:  "My errands." (holds my earrings up to his ears) "See?"


Cat! said...

LOL!! That is just way tooooo CUTE!!

lisa said...

Nathan started using 'actually' a little while ago and every time he uses it I think it is so makes them sound so much more sophisticated!!

Brother Paul said...

Abbey---Writing down the hilarious things your kids say is akchuwolly one of the greatest things to have later. Keep it up! :)