Wednesday, July 09, 2008


It seems the only thing keeping me from hating this place these days is all the new retail stores going up!  Catherine and I discovered the new home store Nitori with a Bed Bath and Beyond atmosphere about 2 weeks ago.  It's awesome!  Great prices and great products.
But today, my friends, I have hit the mother load!!!!

"Max +" (or Max Plus, for symbol challenged)  and "The Grace" Home Stores
WITH! A "Kids Place" or Kids room"  I can't remember the name now, BUT!  These 2 places are very Ikea-ish and the Kid's room is next door.  I talked with a Japanese sales woman in one store who informed me they take children from 3-9 and watch them for you while you shop!! OMG!!  They have little tables and chairs, a big stack of climbing mat's and a projector that shows 3-D movies!  I considered going there myself!  Sounds like fun!
The Max Plus has everything you could think of, cool accessories, home decor and even a small kids section (with it's own little play mat for the chillins).  While the "The Grace" offers a more swanky shopping atmosphere with dimmed lights and english background music, retailing home furnishings.
Here's the kicker!  Both places have little cafes inside of them!  Downstairs you will see a cute little coffee cafe, and upstairs is a restaurant called Soup Soup!  There is inside and outdoor seating available.
These places are newly built right next door to that already neat little store called OK! Furniture to go on 329.

Take Legion Gate road all the way to 329, turn left.  Just up the road on your right you will see this American sized building with OK! and MAX + on the side!  Parking is spacious in front and basement parking is also available.

YAY!  This place gets more and more like the states everyday...


Cat said...

SO... when are we going????!!!!!!

lisa said...

Um....can I come?

usmcfamily04 said...

But how do I get to Legion Gate Rd?

Abbey said...

Mandy, it's really very simple, just buy a plane ticket to Okinawa, and I will take you the rest of the