Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ethan-isms II

With a growing Boy comes a growing vocabulary.  Some words are cute out of a 2 year old's mouth; "tank you", "mommy", "excavator!!", ya know those ones, that you blog about.
And then there's the ones that you wish you never said and unknowingly taught your son to say.
And here they are for your enjoyment.

"Gad Dangit Louie"
Definition: Exclaimed when said dog tries or succeeds at stealing food, getting on the table, annoying you, really anything.  Hence, the kid learns it.

"Oh my gawsh it's a _____!"
Definition: Exclaimed when child sees anything. ANYTHING.  
This started when he saw a gecco in the house, and I yelled the phrase.  Now, it's omg, it's a car! or omg, it's a crane!

Now, I am not proud of these at all, the fact that he's using grown up phrases, but I can't help but laugh when he says something like, "what the heck, mommy?!"  It is sort of cute, don't ya think?


Granny said...

Grandma would like to know just EXACTLY what E I can smack his Mother!

Cat said...

Ethan... heheheheee.
I love Granny's comment LOL!