Monday, July 28, 2008

Crawling and Stairs

Figure out which one Hannah is doing and which one I'm taking pictures of! :)

Hannah is on the go!!!  Following in Ethan's foot.......knee steps, she waited until Paul got back from TAD to make the move.  She will crawl right to a toy now, and she can put herself in sitting up position.  She is 7 months now and growing very quickly, she has a Drs Appt on the 5th so I'll give you the stats then.  There's video of her crawling on dropshots (link at the top) for you all to see!

Now, on to the stairs...
Cat and I found an AWESOME place to walk today with so many photo ops!  Here's one that I took and then messed with through editing, vote which one you like best!  Counting the days until this new camera arrives!!!

Original Picture:

Modify 1:

Modify 2:

Modify 3:
Here is one Cat took!  Amazing point of view!


Yvonne LeBrun said...

Great shots! I'm liking modify 2 and digging Cat's great POV!

So jealous that you have someone to go and shoot with who has kids and therefore the same "issues".

Cat said...

Awww, I never thought I would say it but the dreamy MODIFY 1... I am really diggin that... a B&W - time to delete my post off my blog LOL!!! Still can't believe I left my cam in the car, but that bastard is heavy so yes I CAN!!! Nice PP ;)

Mom said...

I like the original, but then, that's why I don't have an SLR,

jen dare said...

wow Abbey! those look great! you make me want to get a new camera!! i vote for #1...i love black and whites. great job!

aviva5271 said...

Hey, Abbey - thanks for the comment! I so enjoyed meeting you, I can definitely see why Cat digs you. You were an easy & quick friend! So you got a 40D!? Awesome! Let me know when it gets here, all 3 of us can go out & play. That was my last camera before my 5D, awesome choice. Worry about getting to know the camera before post-processing stuff. It has to be good going in!

As for the lens hoods - they're not lenses, they're just hoods - so if you need one for the lenses I mentioned, let me know - but I'm not sure which lens(es) you got!

Email me - aviva dot bowman at gmail dot com - Cat has it if you need it. Hope to see you again soon!