Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Mess and Gutbusters

So everyone with a 2 year old knows there are just some fights you don't even try to win.  When it comes to wearing a seatbelt, or holding hands while crossing a blazing intersection, then yes, I have to put my foot down.  However, when it's 7:30pm and he's already whining about what kind of toothpaste he wanted but we don't have, and it's time to put on pajamas, I am not going to argue with what he wears.   I try, I really do, I buy the cute airplane pajamas, or the ones with cars all over them, thinking, "oh yeah, Ethan's gonna love these!"  But apparently only shark shirts and bulldozer shirts from grandma get him going, cause the airplanes and cars get benched for a "shirt and shorts" combo EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  We have limited it to "no buttons and no pockets. (which at least eliminates polos and cargo shorts)  But it has to be shirt and shorts for Ethan, nothing else.  And I am thinking that the color blindness has been passed down from Paul, cause the boy has no style sense, unless he's just way ahead of the times.
So here is a picture from E's bedtime tonight. He had a band-aid on his foot so he insisted he needed socks for bed...check out my HOT MESS:


So, Ethan is in his terrible 2 phase MOST DEFinitely.  Whining is in full force, OCD has kicked in, and discipline is proving harder than ever.
Every night now, we have Ethan pick up his toys (so we don't have to) and put them away (so we don't have to).  It really instills good routine (cause we don't want to pick up his toys).  So every night, he has tried to "play for FEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW more minutes, k?"  So clean up is never done in a timely fashion.  Sooner than later my patience wears thin and I start getting firm (pretty much threatening to throw cars in the trash if he doesn't get his butt in gear, knowing full well if I actually DID follow through, I would then be pulling them out after he was in bed, cause I am not wasting 75 cents on a matchbox!)  So the other night, he started this new thing, laughing at me.  I'm talking full out GUTBUSTERS every time I try to talk serious to him.  You can only imagine what happens to me.  Pretty soon we're both cracking up ( **note, I am even laughing while I type this), cars aren't getting put away and he thinks this is a great game now.  "Make mom laugh so she'll stop telling me what to do Game"  I hate it...and I love it.  I guess these are the things that keep you sane throughout the terrible two phase.  "Do you want a time out?" in full gut-busting laughter doesn't really have the affect I was going for.


Grandma D said...

Granny got tears in her eyes laughing at this!!! He's learning young it's better to laugh than cry!

Jamie and Mike said...

OMG Abbey I was sitting here at work just laughing because all those videos you have with you laugh right along with Ethan!!

lisa said...

So funny. I love the PJs.....Nathan is ok with PJ's as long as HE picks them out of the drawer.