Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ethan got sick of grandpa and grandma...

For the last 3 days straight, I have cleaned more puke and poop than I ever imagined I could encounter in a lifetime.  Ethan is so sick right now, he hasn't eaten anything in the last 2 full days.  We've gone through 20 diapers in 2 days.  And every time we change it the smell of death warms the air.  Nothing will stay in his system, not even water.  Which is funny, cause he's been chugging it lately and he usually wants nothing to do with it.  He must be sick.
My friend's son had this too, and from what she said, we should be looking at a couple more days until he is back to normal. The problem with being over here, is right about the time you get over something, you catch the new sickness that's going around.  Everyone shops at the same store, and goes to the same hospital.  Small towns, gotta love em.
So other than that, my parents just got back home from a 2 week visit with us.  It was very fun, and very exhausting.  We did more stuff in 2 weeks than we have done this year.  Sightseeing, driving, and eating out filled our days, and we still had stuff left undone that would have been neat for them to experience.  Oh well, I think they had a great time and so did we.
I also think I can speak for them, as well as for us that the next few days will be all about rest and relaxation. Will write more after human waste stops consuming all my time.


jen dare said...

Abbey! that is a GREAT picture of all of you!! Everyone look so fantastic. i hope Ethan is feeling better by now and that you all have avoided it!! love you guys and miss you!

"Nana" said...

Aaaa, poor little guy! I hope he feels better you guys!