Thursday, August 31, 2006

So, the summer is almost over, but word on the street is you can pretty much keep swimming in the ocean until about the end of October. They have one year round pool that's heated but it's only open from 14:30-19:00 (2:30-7), which sucks cause it's right during Ethan's nap and then Paul gets home. Oh well, I did get ALOT of sun last year, so I guess that makes up for it.
Ethan is doing good, he is walking and starting to run a little. He learned how to wave bye bye and he's soley eating table food and drinking his formula out of a straw cup. I am just so shocked. He is developing so quick, I miss the days that you could just sit him down and he wouldn't move. It is kind of cool though to be in another room and have him WALK in and surprise you! He turns 1 in two months and I am so excited for his birthday. We're just gonna do a little get together with cake and ice cream. Hopefully at a park, but if it's not good weather we'll just have it at our apartment. I've already started stamping the invitations; they are super cute with dump trucks on them! I decided not to go with a theme, I figured, he's not gonna remember it anyway and really, I would much rather spend the money on his gift than a bunch of party favors.
Paul is doing good too, he starts his new job fully next week. He's kind of still back and forth between old and new tying up lose ends. He is really excited , but I think he wishes he had more time to "train" and learn about what all the job entales. He'll do great though, whenever he is negative about the outcome, that is usually when he does his best. He is really looking forward to starting up his running routine again, with Ethan. I started play practice this week, and he is walking or running with Ethan every night.
I start a Walk and Roll class next Wed. It's a group of 12 or so moms and we walk for an hour every Mon/Wed/Fri at 8-9am. I am really excited!! I also entered a Karaoke Contest on base and was selected as a finalist. We compete again on Sept 16th, so I'll let you know how it goes.
Well, I hope everyone is well and you all enjoyed your summer back in the states.
Talk to you soon!!

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