Thursday, December 08, 2005


Hey everyone! Here's the latest and greatest... I graduated Communications School yesterday. So now I'm completely done with my initial officer training and am all certified to move on to the Fleet Marine Force and my next duty station in Okinawa. As it stands now we are set to leave in early January but we'll be back in Michigan for the holidays (should arrive the evening of the 15th). In the meantime I'm currently just working at the base reviewing some materials for an upcoming inspection. Nothing too exciting or demanding (which is good at this point).
Abbey has been trying to get everything ready for the move, and neither of us are looking forward to a 17-hour flight with an infant. I'm working her like a dog but she keeps feeling better and seems to be recovering from her infection nicely. Ethan is growing quickly and gets more and more alert every day. Abbey caught him watching TV recently so we've been trying to keep it turned off to avoid "rotting the brain."
Right I sent that newsletter out bragging about the warm weather, things took a nose-dive and we've had some snow and a few icy cold days. Kind of unseasonable for this time of year from what the locals tell me. Despite the cold we've been trying to get out and get back in shape, do a little unfinished Christmas shopping and see some friends for the last time before we move. The other night we went to a fellowship gathering at our friends' house and I tried brisket for the first time! Pretty good.
That's about it. Hope to see you all soon.

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